Cater, Delivery or Pickup!!

Having a Party, Reunion, Family and Friends get together?

You can get all of your food right here!

We will put together a feast for you or customize your menu plans with you.

All items can be packed for pick-up, hot or cold, or delivery.

Also, we do parties on the DECK. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagement, Wedding Receptions and All Other Occasions.]  

Feast 1  43.95
2lbs, 8 Bone Ribs, 5oz Pulled Pork, 5oz Beef Brisket, Cole Slaw,

Baked Beans, 2 Ears of corn and dinner rolls.
Serves 2-3 people
Feast 2  79.95
3lbs, 12 Bone Ribs, 10oz Pulled Pork, 10oz Beef Brisket, Cole Slaw,

Baked Beans, 4 Ears of corn and dinner rolls.
Serves 4-6 people

Backyard Family Feast  139.95
6lbs, 24 Bone Ribs, 1lb Pulled Pork, 1lb Beef Brisket, Quart of Cole Slaw,

Quart of Baked Beans, 8 Ears of corn, 8 Sandwich Buns.
Serves 8-10 people

Stuart’s Super Feast  279.95
12lbs, 48 Bone Ribs, 2lbs Pulled Pork, 2lbs Beef Brisket, 2 Quarts of Cole Slaw,

2 Quarts of Baked Beans, 12 Ears of corn,16 Sandwich Buns.
Serves 18-22 people (under $12 per person)

Served with slaw, baked beans and corn

THE SINGLE  32.95  
2 bone Ribs, 1/3 lb brisket or pulled pork,
6 shrimp. 1 Crab cluster.
1 2/3 pound, serves 1. 

MINI MEGA  64.95  
1 lb ribs, 1/3 lb brisket, 1/3lb pulled pork,
 12 shrimp, 2 crab clusters.
3 1/2 lbs, Serves 2-3 people

MEGA  179.95      
Full rack of Ribs (3lbs), 1 lb brisket and  1 lb pulled pork, 36 shrimp, 8 crab clusters.
10 ½ lbs, Serves 8-10 people

SUPER MEGA  349.95     
2 full racks of ribs, 2 lbs brisket, 2 lbs
pulled pork, 100 shrimp and 10 crab clusters.
8 ½lbs seafood, 10lbs Beef & Pork. 
Serves 18-22 people

Please specify if you want your bulk items hot or cold.

If you don’t plan on serving right away,

we recommend that you pick up your items cold and heat them for use.
Large orders 72 hour notice recommended.


Served with slaw and corn

Two snow Crab clusters, Dozen Shrimp, Pound of Mussels,

Dozen crawfish, Andouille Sausage.

Shellfish Feast for Four
Four snow Crab clusters, Two dozen Shrimp, Two pounds of Mussels,

Two dozen crawfish, Two Andouille Sausage.  99.95

Shellfish Feast for Six
Six snow Crab clusters, Three dozen Shrimp, Three pounds of Mussels,

Three dozen crawfish, Three Andouille Sausage. 139.95

Shellfish Feast for Ten
Ten snow Crab clusters, Five dozen Shrimp, Five pounds of Mussels,

Five dozen crawfish, Five Andouille Sausage. 229.95


baby back ribs  29.95
3lbs, 12 bone Big and Meaty Full Rack
beef brisket   16.95 lb
Pulled pork  12.95 lb
BBQ Sauce   Pint 4.95     Quart 9.95  

1 quart per 6-7 people
cole Slaw, Baked Beans,
potato salad
Pint 4.25    Quart 7.95    Gallon 25.95
Roasted Corn
1 dz 15.95   2 dz 29.95   4 dz 52.95
Stuart’s hot dawg chili  9.95 LB